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Motorcycle Riding Risks

motorcycle graphicCertainly, there is a great amount of joy, fun, and utility that go into motorcycle ownership and ridership. For many, the motorcycle is the main form of transportation for a variety of reasons price, costs, savings, low gas consumption, and convenience. While there are many positives that go into motorcycle ownership and operation, there are also motorcycle riding risks to deal with on a daily basis. While many motorcycle riders are quite skilled and very careful on each ride, there are other drivers on the road who do not pay such great attention and who violate the posted speed limit and rules on the road far too often. Here are 7 common motorcycle riding risks that a rider may contend with on any given ride

1 - Drivers Turning Left

Most reported motorcycle accidents involve a head on collision. Many of these particular accidents begin with a driver making an improper or an unsafe left hand turn into the right of way of the motorcyclist.

2 - Abrupt Stops by Other Drivers

Many drivers panic while driving in traffic or near motorcycles. For some reason, panic sets in and there is an abrupt and sudden stop. When a motorcyclist has to then abruptly stop, this can be quite dangerous since approximately 70 % of the braking power is located on the front brake of a motorcycle. As such, an abrupt sudden stop can result in the ejection of the motorcyclist over the front of the motorcycle in certain situations.

3 - Gravel and Other Debris on the Roadway

Unlike most passenger and commercial motor vehicles, small objects in the road like roadkill or debris can be quite dangerous to a motorcyclist. Gravel on a roadway can cause the tires of the motorcycle to lose grip and put the motorcycle in an unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable movement.

4 - Drivers Changing Lanes

A simple lane change by a driver into the right of way or path of travel of a motorcyclist can have catastrophic consequences. Even if there is no impact between the motor vehicle and motorcycle, there can still be an accident or crash that causes serious injuries to the motorcyclist. Whenever a driver is attempting a lane change, due care should be taken to make sure that the lane change can be done so in a safe manner. This is especially important when there is a motorcyclist in the destination lane of travel for the driver of the motor vehicle.

5 - Bad Weather - Wet Roads, Icy Roads, Wind, and Rain

Any time that there is bad or inclement weather, a motorcyclist is put at risk even during ride. Motorcyclist and the bike itself are exposed to the elements which makes the control and operation of the motorcycle that much more difficult.

6 - Drivers Following too Closely

On any given day, there always seems to be those drivers who are in a hurry and filled with inpatient thoughts and actions. There are also far too many distracted drivers these days. Due to these and other factors, drivers will tend to follow too closely and cause rear end accidents. Even a low speed accident can cause serious permanent injuries to a motorcyclist.

7 - Intersections

Another common dangerous area to motorcycles is the intersection. Other drivers tend to turn into motorcycles with the right of way. In addition, many drivers just fail to see or notice a motorcycle as he or she proceeds through an intersection. Most people obey stop signs and traffic signals; however, many do that. These actions and more put the motorcyclists at risk for a crash and for personal injuries.

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