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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain InjuryTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a complex personal injury that is associated with a wide range of symptoms, impairments, and disabilities. A Traumatic Brain Injury (often referred to as a TBI) can be caused any time there is direct trauma to the head OR any time that there is a forceful motion of the head with the brain being impacted within the head. It should be noted that the ongoing study of Traumatic Brain Injuries is still emerging. While all fields and studies of medicine emerge over time, it seems that the study of Traumatic Brain Injury is just kicking into gear. Certainly, the general public needs to be aware of the signs, symptoms, and issues associated with Traumatic Brain Injury. This is especially true for the personal injury victim and his or her family.

It should further be noted that a Traumatic Brain Injury is different that a musculoskeletal injury. The brain is much more complex than let's say the femur - the leg bone. The brain controls and affects cognitive functions and personality. The leg is primarily a mechanical functioning body part. It is much more difficult to diagnose, assess, and treat a Traumatic Brain Injury as compared with a leg or other type of musculoskeletal injury.

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can be generally classified into two categories: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. With a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, there may be a brief period of loss of consciousness and / or confusion. There may also be a period of disorientation. Some experts opine that less than 30 minutes of loss of consciousness, confusion, and / or disorientation may place a TBI in the category of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. A person may sustain and be diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury even if the diagnostic studies in the form of a brain MRI and / or a Brain CAT Scan are negative. Symptoms associated with a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury may include cognitive issues, headaches, mood swings, frustration, and difficulty thinking or processing information.

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury may be associated with loss of consciousness, confusion, and / or disorientation for more than 30 minutes following the impact from the crash or traumatic incident. Each patient must be evaluated on his or her symptoms and baseline established prior to the crash or the traumatic incident. With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, there may be more severe cognitive issues, speech deficits, short term and long term memory deficits, emotional issues, and a host of other problems that can and do affect the life, lifestyle, and activities of daily living of the personal injury victim.

Pursuing a case or claim for personal injuries is not easy task. Unlike some other personal injury cases, Traumatic Brain Injury victims require evaluation and care from specialist uniquely qualified to diagnose, assess, and treat these serious personal injuries. Certainly, a Board Certified Neurologist should be involved in the care and follow up of the injury victim as soon as practical. Thereafter, testing can be completed as determined reasonable and appropriate by the treating neurologist. In all injury cases, it is important to distinguish the victim's condition and functional abilities on a pre-injury basis and on a post-injury basis. If an injury victim was a straight A student before the crash and went from this to failing his or her classes - this can be a significant documented change of the cognitive and functional levels of the injury victim. Again, each injury victim should be evaluated on the relevant facts, circumstances, medical records, testing, and assessments of the medical providers including but not limited to the treating neurologist.

David A. Wolf is a personal injury attorney with over 30 years of experience in the field of personal injury including cases dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury. As a person who has been in the work force since the age of 14, David A. Wolf knows the importance of being of health mind, body, and spirit. When the abilities to work and live without functional limitations are disrupted, all aspects of the injury victims life are affected. There is also a certain toll on the family of the personal injury victim suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Because of the complexities of these conditions and cases, it is important to retain the services of a Florida Personal Injury Attorney. David A. Wolf offers a FREE CONSULTATION and a FREE CASE EVALUATION on all personal injury cases including those cases involving a Traumatic Brain Injury. Get D Wolf On Your Side - At Your Side.

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