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Motorcycle Accident Fatalities & Wrongful Death Cases

When there is a motorcycle accident, the force and trauma of the crash can cause serious personal injuries to the motorcyclist and rider and tragically in far too many accidents - there is a death. When the death of the motorcyclist results from the negligence, carelessness, fault, distracted driving, or DUI (Driving Under the Influence) of another driver, there can and should be an action pursued on behalf of the surviving family members. This is called a Florida Wrongful Death case. There are special laws, procedures, and forums for the pursuit of a Wrongful Death case on behalf of a motorcycle accident victim. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, motorcycle accident attorney David Wolf handles motorcycle wrongful death cases throughout the State of Florida. He understands the challenges, issues, and stresses associated with these cases. Certainly, the loss of a loved one, especially a person vibrant and full of life like most motorcyclists and bikers out there, is something that should not be associated with a monetary value. However, the civil justice system in Florida is one that focuses on compensation versus punishment. If the actions or inactions of the at-fault driver are reckless and criminal in nature, then there may be a criminal prosecution associated with the motorcycle accident.

Florida Wrongful Death Cases are Handled Differently Than Other Motorcycle Accident Cases

It should be noted that Florida Wrongful Death cases are handled differently than a case in which the motorcyclist survives the crash albeit in pain and with a number of medical issues for a lifetime. When a biker dies as a result of a motorcycle crash, an estate or probate case will need to be set up and there must be a determination as to which family members would qualify as statutory beneficiaries pursuant to the Florida Wrongful Death Act. The laws that control a wrongful death associated with a motorcycle accident or other forms of negligence like an automobile accident or crash involving a bicycle, pedestrian, and/or truck can be found in Chapter 768 of the Florida Statutes. There are certain procedures, notices, and deadlines that should be followed. Because of the complexities and stresses associated with a wrongful death legal matter, the family should consult with and hire a motorcycle accident attorney to properly pursue the case and to seek compensation and some kind of justice/accountability in the aftermath of the crash.

Motorcycle Injury Victims and Their Families Deserve Compensation and Respect

David Wolf is a Motorcycle Accident Attorney who only represents injury victim and has been doing so for over 30 years. He takes pride in the work he does especially for injured bikers and their families. David Wolf firmly believes in Giving a Voice to Injured Motorcyclists and Their Families. Throughout his career David Wolf has found and observed that his motorcycle accident clients are among the hardest working and most patriotic clients he has represented. There is a certain pride in country, family, and faith for many bikers. As such, these injured bikers deserve to have their case pursued and legal rights protected and enforced.

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