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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While there are a number of common causes for motorcycle accidents in Jacksonville, Florida and elsewhere, each case or claim should be evaluated on its own fact, merits, and circumstances. Motorcycle accident attorney David Wolf has represented injury victims for over 30 years including those injured as a result of a motorcycle crash that was caused by the negligence, carelessness, or fault of other drivers. In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, it is important for the injured biker to get legal representation in place in order to protect and enforce the legal rights of the motorcyclist in the quest to obtain compensation for the motorcyclist.

Here are some common causes for motorcycle accidents:

Head on Motorcycle Collision

A large percentage of wrongful death motorcycle accidents involve head on collisions. When a motor vehicle crashes head on with a motorcycle, the resulting impact and injuries can be and often are quite devastating. Many of these head on collision crashes can be avoided with safe driving, slower speeds, and less distractions including mobile phone use and texting.

Improper Left Turn into the Path (Right of Way) of a Motorcyclist

In the State of Florida as well as other States, a motorist attempting a left hand turn shall yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. This is especially important when a driver is attempting a left hand turn when a biker is approaching from the other direction. When two motor vehicle drivers are in a similar accident and there is no direct impact between the vehicles, there may not be any injuries sustained. This can be quite different for a biker who may avoid the direct impact with the left hand turning vehicle but may nonetheless suffer serious personal injuries as a result of losing control of the motorcycle, laying down the motorcycle to avoid the crash, and/or being ejected from the motorcycle. In many cases, there is a conflict of testimony and a motorcycle accident attorney can help promote the biker's case through an insurance claim and through trial if necessary.

Motorist Runs Red Light or Stop Sign (Intersection Collision)

Another common cause or type of motorcycle accidents involves a motorist who runs a red light or stop sign at an intersection. Bikers and other motorists have the right to expect that others on the road will abide by the traffic control devices and regulations. Like other forms of motorcycle accidents, any time that there is a collision or near collision between a biker/motorcycle and a driver/motor vehicle - the personal injuries can be quite devastating and life altering for the biker and passenger on the motorcycle.

Motorist Attempts Dangerous and Improper Lane Change

Many motorcycle accidents take place because the driver of a motor vehicle is not paying attention to the road and traffic conditions. There are also a number of driver distractions in play these days that affect the driving skills of even the most adept drivers and certainly those of poor drivers. When a driver attempts a lane change, the driver should check the surroundings forwards and in the rear to make sure it is safe and reasonable to attempt the lane change. Unfortunately, many motorist fail to see motorcycles on the road and then attempt a lane change that causes a crash or near crash that results in personal injury to the biker who is otherwise safely operating the motorcycle.

Motorcyclist/Biker Lane Splitting

It should be noted that while motorcyclists/bikers are generally and genuinely good law abiding patriotic and loyal citizens - some motorcycle accidents are the fault in whole or part of the biker. Lane splitting can lead to an automobile/motorcycle accident. Lane splitting occurs when a biker rides between and ahead of two lanes of slow or stopped traffic. Because there is no a lot of space to operate the motorcycle and other drivers may be unaware that a motorcycle is illegally and improperly sharing the lane, motorcycle crashes do take place. Of course, these crashes can be avoided with more patience and the avoidance of such traffic avoiding riding techniques on behalf of the biker.


Like other types of automobile accidents and trucking accidents, many motorcycle accidents result from excessive and unsafe speeds by a motorist, a biker, or both. Posted speed limits should be followed. Furthermore, it is imperative for motorist and bikers alike to adjust and slow speeds for heavy traffic, construction, weather, and any time that children and other pedestrians/bicyclists are crossing the street or near the street.

Comparative Fault

It should be noted that Florida is a comparative fault state. In other words, liability or fault can be apportioned to more than one person. For instance, let's say that a motorist attempts a left hand turn in front of an oncoming motorcyclist. There is a crash that results in personal injuries to the motorcyclist. If it is ultimately shown that the motorcyclist was speeding at time of the crash then some of the fault for the crash may end up be apportioned to the motorcyclist.

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