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Broadside Motorcycle Accidents Cause Injuries to Motorcyclists

A broadside motorcycle accident is commonly referred to as a "T-Bone" type of crash. The term "broadside" as a verb pertains to the situation in which one vehicle "collides into the side of another vehicle". Some people and experts narrowly define broadside or T-Bone crashes as ones that involve the impact at a right angle or 90 degrees.

There are a number of causes for broadside motorcycle accidents including but not limited to excessive speed, distracted driving, failure to yield to traffic with the right of way, failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, and other causes. The impact from a broadside motorcycle accident to the motorcyclist can be quite devastating, catastrophic, and every deadly. Motorcyclists have the right, freedom, and liberty to operate their bikes on the roads, streets, and highways. However, motorcyclists do not have the same protections in place as motor vehicle owners and operators. In other words, if a motorcyclist is involved in a crash with a semi tractor trailer, the truck driver will likely be protected and unharmed from the crash with such a smaller and lighter object (the motorcycle). However, the motorcyclist will be subjected to personal injuries in most crashes involving another motor vehicle.

There is often conflicting testimony and evidence when there is a broadside or T-Bone type of crash. This can be especially challenging when there are no independent witnesses at the scene of the crash. Furthermore, in most instances, the responding police officer did not witness the crash as it occurred. As such, the responding police officer's issuance of a traffic citation is not necessarily controlling on the disposition or handling of the insurance claim or civil case.

When there is a broadside or T-Bone type of crash, the motorcyclist is often ejected from his or her motorcycle. Unlike passenger motor vehicles and commercial trucks, there is no surrounding steel to protect the motorcyclist. Furthermore, there are no airbags to protect the motorcyclist who is ejected from the motorcycle. As a result of the crash, the motorcyclist often suffers neck, back, leg, arm, internal, external and head injuries.

It is quite troublesome to hear in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash that the other driver never saw the motorcycle prior to impact. Unfortunately, far too many drivers have their minds and eyes on things other than the important and vital act of driving carefully. When this happens, crashes and accidents occur that could have otherwise have been avoided.

When there is a broadside motorcycle crash or T-Bone crash, there are a number of factors considered when evaluating both the liability / fault and the resulting personal injuries including but not limited to the following:

  • What were the traffic conditions at the time of the crash?
    (Light, Moderate, or Heavy)
  • What were the weather conditions?
  • Did any weather conditions contribute to the cause of the crash?
  • What was the speed limit in the area of the crash?
  • Were the respective vehicles obeying the speed limit?
  • Was any driver using a mobile device prior to or at the time of impact?
  • What road signage or road signals were in place?
  • Were there any independent witnesses to the crash?
  • Did the police officer issue a citation due to the crash or accident?
  • What medical care was rendered to the injured motorcyclist just following the accident?
  • What follow up medical care was rendered to the injured motorcyclist?
  • What motorcycle, automobile, and / or commercial insurance policies provide coverage to the injured motorcyclist?

Of course, each case like each client is unique and should be evaluated on its own facts and merits. Because of the complexities of motorcycle accident cases including those that involve a broadside or T-Bone type of crash, the injured motorcyclist and family should seek out the services of a Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney for advice, guidance, and legal representation.

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