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Tire Defects

In Florida, tires are important components of every vehicle on the road. If a tire fails in the form of a blowout, separation, or other type of defect, there can be a serious car accident resulting in significant and life-changing personal injuries. A tire failure can result or begin in the manufacturing process. In essence, it can be just a matter of time and circumstance when the tire fails. If the tire fails while parked and is noticed right away, then all potential mishaps, crashes, or wrecks are avoided; however, if the tire fails while the vehicle is heading down a highway or interstate at a high but legal rate of speed, the crash can be devastating to the driver, passenger, and potential other persons in the vehicles.

During the manufacturing process, it is a bit like a chemistry project to get everything right in the form of a safe product. These days, the manufacturing of a tire should not be left to trial and error or second guessing. The tools and processes should be in place that every tire that is put in the marketplace is safe to use for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, corners are cut and production and sales numbers take precedence over safety. The manufacturing of a tire can be compromised if the plant producing the tires is using inferior adhesives, fails to assemble or create the tire at the right heating temperatures for the components, and / or failed to insure that the production of the tire is free from excess moisture and / or other contaminants that can affect the integrity of the the tire.

Tread Separation Can Occur While a Vehicle is Traveling at High Rate of Speed . . .

There is also a recommended or prescribed engineering or design standard for each tire. If the produced tire is not manufactured in a certain way, there can be separation between the steel belts and the tread. While a vehicle is traveling at moderate to high speeds on the road or highway, a tread separation event can take place. When there is an issue with the design, tread bonding or other manufacturer specifications, the tread of the tire can separate while the vehicle in proceeding at a relatively high rate of speed. When just one tire fails, the driver can easily lose control of the vehicle which, in turn, can lead to a single vehicle accident or multi-vehicle accident with significant personal injuries and even the death of one or more drivers or passengers of the vehicles involved in the crash.

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Tire Blowouts Can Result from a Defective Rim or Other Causes . . .

Tire blowouts can occur when a rim, which is not properly sized for the tire, cuts or slices into the tire. This, in turn, can cause the tire to blow out or slip off of the rim itself. There are a number of other causes for a tire blow out. It should be noted that not every tire blow out case qualifies as a product liability case to pursue against a manufacturer. Each case should be evaluated on the particular facts, merits, and circumstances. The vehicle and tires should be maintained for inspection by a qualified engineer who may be able to link the defect to the tire to the manufacturer. Of course, there are other factors to consider as well including the speed of the vehicle and the actions or inactions of the driver of the vehicle in which there was a suspected tire defect leading to or causing the car accident.

It is far better to get tires suspected of being defective or beyond their usefulness off of a vehicle because a serious accident takes place.

Here are some warning signs that a tire may need to be inspected and / or removed from a vehicle:

  • The vehicle shakes when it is driven.
  • There is a thumping noise or vibration that is suspected to be coming from a tire.
  • The vehicle will not drive straight. There is a tendency of the vehicle to veer or pull to one side.
  • The treads of the tire appear to be worn out OR subject to a noticeable uneven aging or wearing on parts of the tire.
  • There are bulges or blisters on the tire's read which can be early indicators of tread separation.

Routine maintenance and tire rotation can also help spot issues with a tire. If you or a family member has been injured as a result of a suspected tire defect, it is best to get an attorney involved in the case as soon as possible to preserve the evidence in the form of the tire and the vehicle and to conduct an inspection / evaluation to determine the cause and preventability of the car accident.

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