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Florida Interstate Accident

Florida is a State with roads, streets, highways, and expressways of all sizes and types. It is interesting to note that Florida has streets that range from rural dirt roads to super highways that seem to be constantly under construction. When there is an accident on an expressway, it often involves a high speed crash with serious personal injuries. When there is rush hour traffic or another crash, there are also some low impact or low speed crashes into the form of rear end accidents that take place on expressways in Florida. During his 30 years in practice, car accident attorney David Wolf has seen and handled accidents and crashes on just about all Florida major highways and expressways. While many crashes seem to take place in some of the very same areas as other crashes, each automobile accident case must and should be handled on its own particular facts and merits.

In the State of Florida, there are four Primary Interstates and Eight Auxiliary Interstates. Travel on these Interstate roadways can be fast paced and dangerous at times when there are drivers who exceed the speed limit or otherwise drive in a careless, aggressive, or negligent manner.

  • Interstate 4 (I-4) - spans between Tampa and Daytona Beach. The length of I-4 is 132 miles. Traffic generally runs either East or West on I-4.
  • Interstate 10 (I-10) spans between the Florida - Alabama State Line near Pensacola and the City of Jacksonville. The length of I-10 is 362 miles Traffic generally runs either East or West on I-10.
  • Interstate 75 (I-75) spans between Hialeah (which is near Miami) and the Florida Georgia State Line (which is north of Lake City, Florida). The length of I-75 is 470 miles. Traffic generally runs either North or South on I-75 although there are areas in which traffic runs East and West.
  • Interstate 95 (I-950 spans between Miami and St. Mary's Florida which is North of Jacksonville, Florida. The length of I-95 is 382 miles. Traffic generally runs either North or South on I-95.

When there is a crash on a Interstate Highway in the State of Florida, it is common to see the Florida Highway Patrol to respond to the scene of the accident, investigate the crash scene, and issue a traffic citation (when appropriate) to the at-fault driver. At times, local law enforcement may respond to the scene and handle the crash investigation and issuance of a traffic citation. Because of the busy traffic prevention Interstate Highways in the State of Florida, there is sometimes a delay in getting law enforcement and fire rescue to the scene of the accident.

The Auxiliary Interstates in the State of Florida include the following:

  • Intestate 110 (I-110) circles the Pensacola area and spans 6 miles.
  • Interstate 175 (I-175) circles the St. Petersburg area and spans just over 1 mile.
  • Interstate 275 (I-275) circles the South Florida area and spans over 69 miles
  • Interstate 375 (I-375) also circles the St. Petersburg area and spans just over 1 mile.
  • Intestate I95 (I-195) circles the Miami and Miami Beach area and spans just over 4 miles.
  • Interstate 295 (I-295) the the beltway loop that circles Jacksonville and runs near Orange Park area. It spans over 60 miles.
  • Interstate 395 (I-395) also circles the Miami area and spans just over 1 mile.
  • Intestate 595 (I-595) circles the Fort Lauderdale and Weston area and spans over 12 miles.

While it is not always possible to do so, it is helpful to have scenes of the crash that took place on the Interstate including photographs of your vehicle, photographs of the other vehicle, photographs of road debris and skid marks if any, and photographs of the Interstate area from different directions where the crash took place. When there is a serious accident including a fatality or near fatality, the Florida Highway Patrol and / or local law enforcement will take photographs. For other crashes, photographs may be taken by law enforcement but usually are not.

David Wolf handles Florida Interstate Highway crash cases throughout the State of Florida. He is an attorney and advocate for injury victims and their families. He is also the author of 12 books including the book titled - Florida Automobile Accidents - Personal Injuries - Keys to Protecting and Enforcing the Your Legal Rights. You can get this book for free by visiting and completing the form on the Contact Us Page of this website. Car accident attorney David Wolf provides a free consultation on all personal injury cases including those involving a car accident or accident involving a truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, or bicycle. Get D Wolf On Your Side At Your Side.

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