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There is something to be said about being a resident and community member of a small town. David Alan Wolf proudly calls Flagler Beach his home town. He lives just two blocks from the beach and has an office directly across the street from Publix on Moody Boulevard. For over 32 years, he has represented injury victims and their families throughout the State of Florida. His cases has ranged from the Florida Keys to the Florida Panhandle and all parts in between. David Alan Wolf has formed a strong connection with North Central Florida and North Florida since his days as an undergraduate student and law student at the University of Florida. He served as a law clerk in Lake City, Florida and spent some time in those early days in Jacksonville and Tallahassee. As a Florida native, David Alan Wolf is proud to be a life long Floridian with strong roots and connections throughout the State.

When selecting an attorney to represent a person in the aftermath of an accident or incident causing personal injuries, there are many choices for the selection of an attorney including but limited to the choice between a law factory and an experienced / dedicated personal injury lawyer.

First, let's discuss the law factory. Over time, larger and larger firms developed with more and more billboards and television ads. The largest firm out there even has its own name plastered on a Nascar racing car. That is very cool! While there is nothing wrong or illegal with these ads, promotions, or spectacles, they have nothing to do with the quality of representation or the attention to you and your case. Like the factories with the smoke stacks and other features, law factories are driven by an important bottom line and a close adherence to metrics in the form of money. There are quotas to meet and massive amounts of overhead to cover. The vast number of billboards and television ads are not free. Somebody and massive amounts of funds are paying for them.

Now, let's discuss the experienced and dedicated attorney in the form of David Alan Wolf. Unlike the law factory, David Alan Wolf does not have the burden or need for that matter for billboards or television ads. Throughout his career and years in business, David Alan Wolf has always had the support of his clients, former clients, contacts, colleagues, friends, and, yes a stellar reputation for excellence, hard work, and success. David Alan Wolf provides a concierge type of service to his clients. Concierge is a french word that initially meant "keeper of the keys". Concierge applied to the person who would mange the keys at the inn and otherwise take care of the needs of the guests. With David Alan Wolf, he will also be the keeper of the keys in the form of managing, leading, and guiding the case of a personal injury client from start to finish.

Unlike the law factory, you will get to David Alan Wolf day one and have access to him throughout the entirety of the case. A client who hired David Alan Wolf stated that there was a consideration of hiring one of the law factories. When the client contacted the law factory, he requested to know the name and experience level of the attorney who would ultimately handle the case. Amazingly or not so amazingly, the call center attendant could not tell the client the answer to this very simple question. While there are some excellent and experienced attorneys in most law factories, the typical client will not know who will be representing the client up front and anything but the very large cases could end up in the hands of a case manager or inexperienced attorney rather than an experienced attorney.

Again, there are choices out there. As the client, you get to ask questions and deserve to have an experienced attorney manage your case from day one to the resolution of your case. David Alan Wolf can be the attorney for you to contact early mornings, days, nights, weekends and holidays. The job of a personal injury attorney do not match up with banker's hours. David Alan Wolf understands and relishes his role and will provide the concierge type of service you deserve whether your case is an ordinary case or an extraordinary case.

Contact David Alan Wolf for a free consultation at (386) 348-HOWL or (386) 348-4695 or at  dwolf@davidalanwolf.com  David Alan Wolf firmly believes in Giving a Voice to Injury Victims and Their Families.

Client Reviews
I was in need of legal advice and David was there to assist. I was given advice most attorneys would charge outrageous fees for. When I called David promptly replied, got a grasp of my issue and gave wonderful advice and then referred me to someone who could better handle my issue. I would highly recommend him and if anything else comes up, my first call will be to him. Tracey
David did a great job representing my family in a recent legal matter. He provided great communication in a clear, concise and timely manner. He thoroughly outlined what our options were and answered all our questions. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend anyone seeking legal counsel to contact him. David
David Wolf has provided legal advice and representation to me on a variety of issues. I have referred family members and friends to him as well. Whenever a legal issue arises, he is the first person I contact because I am always provided prompt and practical legal advice. I know that I am not David’s only client but he sure does his best to make me and others feel that way. Jill Kestner
David did an outstanding job with my case from start to finish. He was professional and courteous throughout the process and he made sure that I stayed informed. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel. Adam
David Wolfe was very prompt in returning my call for advice. He was sensitive to my issue, gave clear legal advice, with creative options. Extremely thorough and caring. Will use him in future if in need again and will refer him to family and friends. Jo