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Are You Seeking to Hire an Attorney or a Billboard to Handle Your Personal Injury Case? Flagler County - Importance of Personal Service

Lawyer Billboard AdvertisingIn Florida, a drive through just about any city / town which is big or small will provide fast food restaurants, dollar stores, gas stations, and, yes lawyer billboards. It seems that the lawyer billboards are just about everywhere. While there are some restrictions and ethic rules to follow, lawyers / law firms like other businesses have the right and ability to advertise which includes the use of billboards. For some clients and potential clients, there is a pull or influence of the massive size and amount of billboards out there. Most billboards have an image of an attorney or logo, a phone number, and a catchphrase or message. Certainly, the hiring of a law firm or an attorney should not be based solely on the viewing of a billboard. Any attorney can put up a billboard. Furthermore, in most instances, the attorney on the billboard as the managing partner or owner of the firm is not the person you will deal with or even ever speak to.

When there is an accident or incident leading to personal injuries, it is important for the injury victim and family to get a free consultation from an experienced attorney. While this may seem silly, let's make it clear . . . a billboard or 100 billboards cannot provide you with real advice in the aftermath of an automobile accident, slip and fall incident, worker's compensation incident, or other event leading to serious personal injuries. Furthermore, a receptionist or call center also is not the ideal sounding board for advice for an injury victim needing real advice in a timely manner.

There are also billboards and promotions stating the the size of a law firm matters. The theme is that bigger is better. As an example, Wal-Mart is one of the biggest retailers in the United States. There is a Wal-Mart store in just about every community or close to every community. The jewelry and watch department for Wal-Mart is usually not staffed with a full time person. You need to ring a bell or flag down an associate for help. The associate may or may not be familiar with the product line. Also, the quality of the products in the jewelry and watch department as well as the rest of the store is not of the highest quality. Compare the service and the product line of Wal-Mart to Tiffany & Co. When you enter a Tiffany & Co store, you are greeted at the store and typically directed to a courteous and well trained sales professional. From there, you get the one-to-one service that you expect from a Tiffany & Co store. There is also a manager on the sales floor who is available as needed for extra assistance. The quality of the jewelry and watches at Tiffany & Co is also so much better than the product line at Wal-Mart.

Another point should be made as well. You only have one case to handle that is of utmost importance to you. The fact that the billboard law firm has handled thousands upon thousands of cases should not factor into your decision. Also, the recovery of billions or trillions sounds good but has nothing to do with how your particular case will be handled.

David Wolf is deeply rooted in the State of Florida as a lifelong native Floridian. He is a resident of Flagler Beach / Flagler County and a proud small business owner with a dedicated office in Flagler Beach at 2561 Moody Boulevard, Suite 210, Flagler Beach, Florida 32136. He handles cases throughout Flagler County (Beverly Beach, Bunnell, Flagler Beach, Marineland, and Palm Coast) as well as the rest of the State of Florida.

David Wolf has been representing injury victims and their families for over 32 years. While there have been funds to do so, David Alan Wolf - Personal Injury Attorney has never advertised on billboards, bus benches, radio, TV, or paper restaurant menus. Again, lawyers and law firms can and do advertise in such forms. David Wolf just chooses not to. David Wolf has a vibrant and busy law practices thanks to his reputation in the community and throughout the State of Florida. He also has been blessed with the support of clients and former clients who have referred their friends, family members and contacts for legal advice and representation.

From the first call to the closing of a case, David Wolf is with his clients every step of the way. David Wolf personally screens his own cases and is the decision maker as to which cases will be pursued, which cases may be a better fit for a colleague, and, yes, which cases will be turned down. With David Wolf, you will get an honest assessment and evaluation of your case. He will inform you about the law, the strengths of the potential case and the challenges of the potential case.

As the author of 12 books, David Wolf gladly shares his vast information and experience in the field of personal injury with clients, potential clients, colleagues, law students, and anybody else seeking great knowledge and understanding of the law and potential courses of action.

Contact David Wolf today for a Free Consultation at (386) 348-HOWL or (386) 348-4695 or at dwolf@davidalanwolf.com

David Wolf firmly believes in Giving a Voice to Injury Victims and Their Families.

Client Reviews
I was in need of legal advice and David was there to assist. I was given advice most attorneys would charge outrageous fees for. When I called David promptly replied, got a grasp of my issue and gave wonderful advice and then referred me to someone who could better handle my issue. I would highly recommend him and if anything else comes up, my first call will be to him. Tracey
David did a great job representing my family in a recent legal matter. He provided great communication in a clear, concise and timely manner. He thoroughly outlined what our options were and answered all our questions. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend anyone seeking legal counsel to contact him. David
David Wolf has provided legal advice and representation to me on a variety of issues. I have referred family members and friends to him as well. Whenever a legal issue arises, he is the first person I contact because I am always provided prompt and practical legal advice. I know that I am not David’s only client but he sure does his best to make me and others feel that way. Jill Kestner
David did an outstanding job with my case from start to finish. He was professional and courteous throughout the process and he made sure that I stayed informed. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel. Adam
David Wolfe was very prompt in returning my call for advice. He was sensitive to my issue, gave clear legal advice, with creative options. Extremely thorough and caring. Will use him in future if in need again and will refer him to family and friends. Jo