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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

In the State of Florida and other States, commercial trucks and semi tractor trailers fill the roads due to the need for commerce, Intrastate transport, and Interstate transport. Unfortunate for far too many other drivers and passengers, there are crashes that involve commercial trucks and semi tractor trailers caused by the negligent and careless driving of the very truck drivers responsible for the safe operation of these commercial vehicles.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Attorney David Wolf is familiar with the common causes of truck accidents and actions that can be taken to secure compensation for truck accident victims and their families. He is the author of a number of books including the book titled - Big Trucks - Big Problems - When a Truck Driver Wrecks Your Day and Life - Legal Rights of the Truck Accident Victim and Family.

According to studies completed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are approximately 5,000 fatalities or deaths every year that result from heavy truck and commercial truck crashes. It is further reported that there are approximately 150,000 people (drivers, passengers, and others) who are injured on an annual basis as a result of a trucking accident.

Excessive and Unsafe Speed

It is estimated that excessive or unsafe speed was the major contributing cause of approximately 18 percent of the crashes involving truck accidents. It is important for truck drivers to obey and follow the posted speed limits. Furthermore, truck drivers should reduce speed when necessary to account for weather, road conditions, and traffic. Just because the posted speed limit is 70 miles per hour does not mean that that it is safe for the truck driver to travel at the posted speed limit.

Truck Driver Fatigue and Drowsiness

There are specific rules and regulations in place as to Hours of Service (HOS) which are posted to reduce the number of truck accidents resulting from distracted driving due to tiredness, fatigue, and drowsiness. When the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations are violated, this, in turn, can lead to a higher risk of drowsy driving. Even when these regulations are followed, many commercial truck drivers tend to fall asleep or become distracted to the point that driving is adversely affected and crashes take place.

Improper or Negligent Truck Repairs and Maintenance

Some truck accidents result from faulty repairs, maintenance, and equipment. It is important that truck drivers and truck companies maintain a log book and log documenting repairs and maintenance. This is especially important for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of tires and brakes.

Distracted Driving

Like other drivers on the road, truck drivers can get bored and distracted. There are a number of distractions that can affect safe driving including mobile phone use, tablet use, texting, reading e-mails, web browsing, reading, eating, and any other activity that may take the eyes and mind off of the main task at hand - namely the safe operation of a commercial truck or semi-tractor trailer.

Texting While Driving - Truck Drivers

Texting while driving is a form of distracted driving. Mobile phones are now in the possession of just about every driver including commercial truck drivers. There are advertising campaigns out there including: The Text Message Can Wait. Better Unread - Then Dead. The message of these advertising campaigns is meant to encourage drivers to refrain from texting while driving AND to refrain from reading text messages, e-mails, and other mobile content while driving.

Unsafe and Carless Driving Maneuvers and Actions by Truck Drivers

Like other drivers on the road, commercial truck drivers, even those who are experienced and well-trained, will often engage and unsafe / careless driving maneuvers and actions. This can include improper and unsafe lane changes, following another motor vehicle too closely, speeding, violating posted street signage and lights, failing to use turn signals, and other actions that put other drivers / passengers at risk.

Jackknife Truck Accidents

Another cause of a truck accident in Florida and other States is the jackknife truck accident. This occurs when the wheels of the truck stop but the trailer wheels keep on rolling or moving. This, in turn, causes the truck and trailer to form the shape of a jackknife or jack knife. If there is enough speed and force, the truck and trailer will even turn over. A jackknife truck accident can cover and block several lanes of truck which can then involve a number of other vehicles in the crash. Speed, sudden turns, and weather can all contribute to cause a jackknife truck accident.

Overloading of the Truck

There are rules and regulations as to the loading and weigh of commercial vehicles and semi-tractor trailers. If a truck is overloaded, this can lead to a commercial truck accident. Tires can blow out and braking abilities and distance can be affected. As such, the type and load of a commercial vehicle can be a cause of a truck accident.

Weather, Road Conditions, and Road Construction

It should be noted that even with a truck driver is complying with the applicable speed limits, street signage, and street lights - there can still be an accident or crash that is the fault of the truck driver when weather, road constructions, and road construction are present. As such, it is important for truck drivers to pay attention and alter driving when the roads are affected by weather, debris, and construction.

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