Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline on St. Johns River.

Bridges in Jacksonville, Florida

Bridges in Jacksonville, Florida - Automobile, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

Jacksonville, Florida BridgesIn Jacksonville and North Florida, residents and visitors have something in common who travel throughout all parts of the city. Jacksonville and North Florida is well known for its many large bridges. There are seven major bridges that run through Jacksonville and North Florida. To effectively and efficiently get from one part of Jacksonville to another and especially to and from Downtown Jacksonville, a driver will drive over one or more bridges. Driving over Jacksonville bridges presents many dangers and limitations. The roads and infrastructures that make up Jacksonville bridges are a bit different than other streets, roads, and highways. Vision can be affected by the bend,rise, and all of Jacksonville bridges. The ability to pull off to the side or a shoulder is much different on Jacksonville bridges as well. It can be quite a harrowing experience to be in an automobile accident or car crash on or near Jacksonville bridges. The accident scene can remain quite a dangerous area until law enforcement have the opportunity to arrive and secure the crash scene. It is important for all drivers including those of personal vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and semi-tractor trailers to obey the speed limits on Jacksonville bridges and otherwise pay close attention to the road and traffic conditions. Jacksonville bridges are known to get quite busy and jammed during rush hour traffic and other times including traffic to and from events like concerts, sporting events like Jacksonville Jaguar games, and and events. Again, safe and attentive driving can help prevent many Jacksonville Florida Automobile Accidents which, in turn, cause personal injuries to residents and visitors to the Jacksonville, Florida area. Here are the major bridges in Jacksonville, Florida and a brief descriptions of each:

Acosta Bridge

The Acosta Bridge aka St. Elmo W. Acosta Bridge spans across the St. Johns River. The bridge was originally designated as the St. Johns River Bridge. The bridge connects the North part of San Marco to Downtown Jacksonville. The Acosta Bridge is one of three bridges connecting the San Marco area to Downtown Jacksonville. The other bridges are the Fuller Warren Bridge and the Main Street Bridge. The Acosta Bridge is between the Fuller Warren Bridge and the Main Street Bridge.

Buckman Bridge

The Buckman Bridge aka The Henry Holland Buckman Bridge spans across the St. Johns River. The Beckman Bridge carries traffic along Interstate 295 or I-295. The Beckman Bridge connects Jacksonville (Mandarin Area) to Orange Park. Orange Park is a town that is part of Clay County. The Buckman Bridge is roughly 3 miles long and basically runs in the East - West direction. For Jacksonville and North Florida, the Beckman Bridge is one of the larger bridges. Tragically, the Beckman Bridge has been the site of many significant automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

Dames Point Bridge

The Dames Point Bridge aka Napolean Bonaparte Broward Bridge also spans over the St. Johns River. The Dames Point Bridge is one of the largest cable-stayed bridges in the United States. It is quite a beautiful and artistic looking bridges. It is also a bridge that can look quite imposing to drive over. The main span of the bridges measures 1300 feet with a height of 175 feet. The total length of the bridge is approximately 2 miles in length.

Fuller Warren Bridge

The Fuller Warren Bridge carries Interstate 95 traffic across the St. Johns River. The bridge is approximately 1.5 miles in length. The bridge has 8 lanes in total. It was rebuilt and opened to traffic in 2002.

Hart Bridge

The Hart Bridge aka "The Green Monster" carries U.S. 1 and State Road 228 traffic in the East - West direction. The name "Green Monster" was originated by locals due to the color and size of the bridge. The bridge connects Downtown Jacksonville to the Southside / Beach Boulevard area of Jacksonville. The bridge opened to traffic in 1967.

Main Street Bridge

The Main Street Bridge aka John T. Alsop Jr. Bridge spans across the St. Johns River. The Main Street Bridge connects the Southbank area of Jacksonville (Prudential Drive and San Marco area) to Downtown Jacksonville. The Main Street Bridge can be accessed through an off ramp from Interstate 95 - I-95. The Main Street Bridge is a well recognized and historic part of the Jacksonville Florida skyline and Downtown area. There are walkways or sidewalks in which pedestrians can walk over the Main Street Bridge.

Mathews Bridge

The Mathews Bridge was constructed in 1953. It is a cantilever type of bridge. The Mathews Bridge carries traffic between Downtown Jacksonville and the Arlington Expressway. The bridge essentially runs in the East - West direction. The bridge was originally pained silver but it was changed to maroon when Jacksonville brought in the United State Football League (USFL) - Jacksonville Bulls which is no longer in existence. Now, Jacksonville is home to the NFL - Jacksonville Jaguars. The Mathews Bridge is one of the larger bridges in North Florida / Jacksonville, Florida. It has a total length of approximately 1.5 miles.

Trout River Bridge

Like the Fuller Warren Bridge, the Trout River Bridge is part of Interstate 95. It carries traffic in a North - South Direction. The Trout River Bridge is located 5 miles North of Downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The Trout River Bridge has six lanes.

Wonderwood Bridge

The Wonderwood Bridge aka the Charles E. Bennett Memorial Bridge spans across the St. Johns River. The bridge carries State Road 116 traffic. The bridge is located on Wonderwood Drive. The Wonderwood Bridge is a four lane bridge that connects Mayport Road to Arlington.

It should be noted that many people have a fear of driving over bridges. The name for this condition or phobia (fear) is called Gephyrophobia. It is a difficult condition to spell and also a difficult phobia (fear) to live with and deal with especially in cities and towns like Jacksonville, Florida which are covered with bridges throughout the city. Many people fear driving over bridges due to the height, narrow lanes, waterways, and other unique aspects to driving over a bridge. Certainly, a high bridge over a vast waterway causes anxiety for many people. This combined with traffic and distracted driving can really add to the fear of drivers on the roadway.

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