What are the Rights of Victims of a Florida Trucking Accident? Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death


Florida is a hub of commerce for interstate and intrastate trucking companies.  Interstate 95 runs from South Florida all the way to the Florida Georgia Border.  Interstate 75 runs from South Florida all the way to the Florida Georgia Border through the heart of the State.  Finally, Interstate 10 runs from Jacksonville on the Eastside of the state all the way through Pensacola and onward to the Florida Alabama Border.  With these roadways and others, you will commonly see 18 wheelers, other commercial vehicles, and, yes, trucking accidents.  Some of these trucking accidents result in serious injuries to driver and occupants of passenger vehicles which by their size and weight are no match for any collision with a heavy duty semi tractor trailer or commercial vehicle.

A recent crash was reported on Interstate 10 that involved a passenger vehicle and a semi tractor trailer.  It was reported that an 18 year old young man (Shawn Back) from the Atlanta area (Suwanee, Georgia) died.  He was a passenger in a Honda CRV that was driven by Shin Ok.  The collision between the Honda CRV and the truck took place near the exit for Highway 301.  The semi tractor trailer was pulling out of an emergency lane at the time of the crash.

Florida is a comparative fault state. In other words, a case can be brought by the injury victim OR the family of the deceased injury victim even in situations where there is a percentage of fault attributed to two or more drivers. In other words, a legal case can still be brought even if the fault or liability is not completely 100 % on one particular driver.

When there is a fatality or catastrophic injuries that result from an automobile or trucking crash in the State of Florida, there often is a thorough and detailed investigation by local law enforcement and the Florida Highway Patrol.  While the results of this investigation can be quite persuasive, the victims of the crash can, through their owner attorneys, also conduct a private investigation through investigators and accident reconstruction experts, to determine the cause and preventability of the crash.

In Florida as well as other States, there are four essential elements for a legal case:  Duty, Breach of Duty, Causation, and Damages.  From a practical standpoint, the ultimate results or recoveries on a case are also guided by the amount of insurance available for the at-fault drivers and vehicles.

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