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Auto AccidentOn a daily basis, people are bombarded with advertisements on billboards, television, radio, and elsewhere by personal injury attorneys. While there are some additional regulations on attorneys advertising than other businesses, attorneys and law firms have the right to advertise. One may think by these advertisements that personal injury law firms would take just about every case that comes their way and pursue the case to its conclusion with big results just about every time. Just like television law dramas like Law & Order and CSI do not and cannot tell the whole story of a criminal investigation and trial within the confines of one hour of time – a personal injury case cannot and should not be defined or directed by the simplicity of a billboard or 30 second commercial on TV. There is much more to the handling of a personal injury case. As such, it is important for an injury victim to speak to directly to an attorney about the legal rights and sensible courses of action in the aftermath of an automobile, trucking, bicycle, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident. With David Alan Wolf – Personal Injury Attorney, you get a Free Consultation from David Wolf personally rather than an answering service, call center, case manager, or legal assistant. That’s right . . . David Wolf screens all of his cases so that the injury victim gets advice and guidance from an attorney. This does not mean that David Wolf accepts every case that calls in but he will provide on the spot legal advice and take the cases that he believes have merit and a reasonable opportunity to obtain fair compensation for the injury victim and family.

This brings us to one of the most important factors at the beginning of an automobile accident with personal injuries – automobile insurance. In the State of Florida, an owner of a motor vehicle has the duty to maintain two forms of insurance to comply with Florida law:

Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This form of insurance will cover up to $10,000 of medical bills for the owner of the vehicle. In addition, passengers / resident relatives of the owner of the vehicle may also be covered for medical bills depending on the availability of other automobile insurance coverage and other factors. Under some policies, the PIP coverage can also go to reimburse an injury victim for lost wages and mileage.

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