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Texting-While-Driving-300x200While technology has brought many advances to make vehicles safer, technology has also brought advances that has made driving much more dangerous – namely the development of iPhones, Droids, and other devices.  Just about every driver on the roads owns and travels with a mobile phone device.  Certainly, having a mobile phone while traveling can make the driver, work, and personal errands a bit more efficient and effective.  You can call ahead for reservations.  You can call a work colleague to re-arrange appointments and check e-mails and text messages.  However convenient that a mobile phone has made life in general, it is made the operation of a motor vehicle so much more dangerous.  A troubling survey was completed which place the State of Florida as the second worst state in the United States for distracted driving.  The survey which was conducted by Everquote, Inc., an online insurance company, reported that 92 percent of drivers who owned mobile phones used the mobile phone in a moving vehicle.  While it is lawful in the State of Florida to make and receive calls during vehicular travel, this does not mean that it is safe to do so for many people especially those who are poor drivers to begin with.  Anything that causes a distraction for some drivers can lead to an automobile accident.

It should be noted that there is law in place in the State of Florida that prohibits texting while driving.  The same law prohibits any browsing or reading of a mobile device while driving. You can read more about the Florida law at Section 316.305 – Florida Statutes – Wireless Communication Devices – Prohibition.

When distracted driving takes place, traffic regulations and rules of the road tend to get violated.  This, in turn, leads to automobile accidents and related personal injuries.  If a person has been the victim of  a distracted driving accident, the victim can pursue a case or claim for damages. There are essentially two types of damages to pursue:  Economic Damages and Non-Economic Damages.

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